Commercial Road Sweeping 

AW Sweeper Hire provide long-term road sweeping contracts as well as one-off sweeping services. We work with many local authorities, City, Town & Parish Councils, Civil Engineers and Civil Engineering Companies, Resurfacing Contractors across South Yorkshire and the wider Yorkshire region. We also work alongside Road Sweeper Companies. Our powerful road sweepers are capable of cleaning hard surfaces along with roads that are heavily soiled or dirty. We can clean areas both cost-effectively and efficiently for our clients. 

Dust Suppression 

The control of dust on construction sites is an issue of concern for many communities that experience a high level of construction activity. Dust suppression typically involves using our large water trucks to spray roads and other areas across the construction site. 

Jetter Hire 

Our jetters are ideal for drain & sewer cleaning, surface preparation, tube cleaning and descaling. 

High Pressure Jet Washing 

Our commercial high-pressure jet washing services cover exterior cleaning such as car parks, industrial parks, patio areas, communal areas, walls, signage and more. Our specialised pressure washing systems can clean almost any surface including removing graffiti and chewing gum. When carrying out commercial high-pressure jet washing we take care of the surrounding area and follow health and safety procedures. 

Gully Sucking 

Gully sucking is used to suck out the debris, mud and waste water that can cause drains to become blocked. We typically carry-out high-pressure jetting alongside gully sucking to ensure any loose debris is sucked up and not pushed further down the system. 

Back to Black Road Surfaces 

Back to Black road sweepers use high pressure cleaning to removed ingrained mud and debris from the road surface. The machines can also trim, plough and sweep away any overgrown vegetation by road edges in a single pass. 
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